Making events more and more sustainable

11th April 2024

Good practices

Making events more and more sustainable

The Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) is proud of its all-around responsible management, which has become a core feature of its identity.

The organisation seeks to improve year after year with the goal of contributing to both the natural and social environment.

As early as 2008, the CCIB was a co-founder of the Barcelona Forum District and made a commitment to the social development of its neighbourhood, employing vulnerable individuals through its work with several organisations that help neighbourhood residents find jobs. One example is the Trinijove Foundation, hired for waste removal at the venue.

It also makes it possible for civil society associations to hold events free of charge at its facilities, in addition to providing these associations with food and monetary donations.

If the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital needs to hold a gala event or the Besòs choirs need an auditorium for their concerts, the CCIB is happy to accommodate them. By providing these venues and the associated hospitality services, all the proceeds from the events go directly to these organisations.

Taking care of its closest environs

The CCIB is concerned about both environmental and social issues. It is committed to a strict sustainability policy to reduce the environmental impact of events in different areas, such as food, materials and energy, and it always relies on local suppliers. Biosphere has helped them improve and make their events increasingly sustainable.

It also participates in social environmental initiatives that don’t just improve the environment but also boost staff commitment by involving the entire team. Examples include the highly popular clean-up days for the Mediterranean Sea and the Besòs riverbed.

This work to improve the surrounding environment has been taking place since 2008, and the organisation’s commitment has been formalised and strengthened through annual reports that follow international standards.

The CCIB is completely transparent about its economic, social and environmental work; everything it does is documented.

Now, looking to the future, it’s already thinking about what it can improve next. What is certain is that these initiatives will be aligned with and work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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