Westfield Glòries: the shopping centre that fights for equality

25th June 2024

Good practices

Westfield Glòries: the shopping centre that fights for equality

Since its inauguration in 1995 as part of the city’s urban transformation following the Barcelona Olympic Games, Westfield Glòries has come a long way and has positioned itself as a benchmark in terms of sustainability and commitment.

Inspired by an innovative concept – an open-air shopping centre – it offers a unique shopping experience in the city. With a comprehensive offering spanning fashion, restaurants and entertainment, it is a meeting point that attracts residents and tourists alike.

Within its 67,000 square metres, Westfield Glòries houses almost two hundred establishments, ranging from well-known international brands to Catalan retailers. In recent years there has been a desire to promote the gastronomic aspect, especially that which has to do with fresh produce, with initiatives such as El Mercat, where you can taste international, local and signature cuisine.

In addition, the centre offers a wide range of services to guarantee the comfort of its visitors. Rest areas with free Wi-Fi, car parks with charging points for electric vehicles, children's areas and landscaped gardens are examples of Westfield Glòries' efforts to provide a complete and accessible experience.

Commitment to gender equality

But if there is one thing the Westfield Glòries shopping centre stands out for, it is its commitment to promoting gender equality, which was recognised as an outstanding contribution in the Biosphere accreditation it received in 2019.

In the words of Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, "women's equality must be a central component in any attempt to solve social, economic and political problems", a statement that serves as the core of the centre's gender policy. This is based on controlling and evaluating empowerment and equality measures, fostering labour empowerment in the workplace and the promoting gender equality.

As concrete initiatives, which have a direct impact on users, we highlight adhesion to the Barcelona City Council’s Punt Lila network with the aim of providing advice and help in the face of any kind of gender-based aggression. Shopping centre staff have specific training to enable them to act in cases of gender or sexual violence and information on offering support resources to victims.

Moreover, Westfield Glòries is also committed to motherhood. For that reason, it provides safe and comfortable spaces, such as equipped nursing rooms, to facilitate breastfeeding and ensure the well-being of mothers and babies.

Environmental sustainability with a global and local spirit

Aware of the urgency of protecting our planet, the shopping centre has implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing its ecological footprint and promoting responsible practices. From the exclusive use of renewable energy and energy-efficient LED lighting systems to efficient water management and the promotion of sustainable transport, Westfield Glòries demonstrates that it is possible to combine commercial success with environmental protection.

But Westfield Glòries' commitment goes beyond its own walls. Through programmes such as the Westfield Good Festival and the Westfield Grand Prix, the shopping centre actively promotes innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship, providing support and visibility to projects that seek to make the world a better place.

Furthermore, with initiatives such as the (R)Forest Project, carried out in collaboration with Clean The Oceans and (R)Mountain, Westfield Glòries demonstrates its commitment to the local community and the natural environment. The initiative consists of collecting plastic from the sea off the Catalan coast and then transforming it into textile material to make waterproof ponchos for people living on the street.

Westfield Glòries is a model to follow in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. With a vision focused on the well-being of people and the planet, this space continues to make progress towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.

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