El Jou Nature: nature with the family in the heart of Berguedà

3th June 2024

Good practices

El Jou Nature: nature with the family in the heart of Berguedà

In the midst of the idyllic landscapes of Guardiola del Berguedà, with views of Pedraforca and close to the ski and mountain resort of Rasos de Peguera, the old mines of Cercs and the waters of the Llobregat river, we find the hotel El Jou Nature, a magnificent refuge that embraces nature at its best and a great example of sustainable tourism.

Commitment to families and the future

Jou Nature offers all the comforts of family-friendly accommodation, with activities led by professional monitors and facilities designed for the well-being and needs of children, young people and adults, including the playroom, the children's playground made with environmentally friendly materials, the open-air games, its own woodland and its innovative sports and adventure circuits. But, in addition to its commitment to families, there is an even greater one: the responsibility to care for the natural environment that surrounds it.

Their philosophy goes beyond offering an exceptional holiday or a day to switch off; they seek to preserve the magnificent landscape of the Berguedà so that future generations can also enjoy it.

In harmony with the environment

The hotel's facilities stand out for their quality and harmony with the surroundings. With more than 140 hectares of nature, it offers a wide range of facilities that promote responsible interaction with the environment. From the aforementioned children's playground to a football pitch and artificial lakes for water sports, each space has been designed to minimise the environmental impact of the tourist activity.

Furthermore, the Hotel El Jou Nature creates and promotes natural spaces for the repopulation of birds and has carried out a study of the fauna and flora of Berguedà so as to respect the environment as much as possible and take advantage of all possible synergies. One of the measures they take in that sense, is that they deal with insect pests in a natural way, by incorporating species of birds native to the area and by placing nesting boxes.

Seasonal and 0 km gastronomy

El Jou Nature’s gastronomic offering prioritises local and seasonal products. This boosts the circular economy and reduces CO₂ emissions by avoiding long-distance transport. Moreover, they opt for organic products whenever possible in order to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

The sustainable measures of its catering service do not end here. They also use recycled paper towels, practise policies to avoid food waste and, in order to achieve the goal of zero waste, they compost organic waste, opt for bulk products, eliminate single-use plastics and offer osmotised water instead of bottled water.

Sustainability as a raison d'être

El Jou Nature prides itself on being a sustainable in every sense. The hotel is created under the Green House concept, a declaration of intent that takes shape in practices that have a real impact on the health of the planet. Therefore, services, maintenance, logistics, the products they use, everything, in fact, is designed to consume as few resources as possible. Examples include photovoltaic panels on the roof to obtain solar energy, the biomass boiler that uses natural fuels, reuse of rainwater for irrigation and LED lighting, among many other measures.

El Jou Nature is a project run by Eix Estels, a holiday homes company with over 25 years of experience in the leisure sector. With this hotel they are taking another step forward in their commitment to lead the way towards more responsible and conscious tourism. Likewise, because they adhere to the Biosphere seal and its continuous improvement tools, such as training and audits, they are able to continue making progress towards becoming a benchmark tourist destination in terms of sustainability.

Thus, at El Jou Nature, each experience is an opportunity to connect with nature and contribute to the well-being of our planet, by being part of an adventure full of values that makes environmental care a way of life.

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