Barcelona reuses five tonnes of material from the Mobile World Congress

18th April 2024

Good practices

Barcelona reuses five tonnes of material from the Mobile World Congress

This year, Barcelona has reused five tonnes of miscellaneous materials, including over five hundred pieces of furniture, that were used during the Mobile World Congress. The Donation Room initiative minimises waste generation and gives these resources a second life in social and cultural projects.

GSMA, Fira de Barcelona, the Barcelona Tourism Consortium, the Formació i Treball Foundation, L’Hospitalet City Council and Barcelona City Council have spearheaded the programme to encourage reusing part of the materials used in the different events, such as the carpet and the furniture.

To carry it out, the two city councils have worked with civil society organisations to help these resources reach families and individuals at risk of exclusion, in addition to giving vulnerable individuals a job opportunity.

The circular economy, at the heart of trade fairs in Barcelona

One of the events where the programme has been most successful has been the Mobile World Congress, certified carbon neutral for 10 years and recognised four times by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest carbon-neutral trade fair in the world.

The organisers have worked closely with exhibitors and members to minimise waste and contribute to a circular economy. Their environmental programme includes the Donation Room, a platform for giving back to our host community. Whether it’s furniture or stand construction materials, exhibitors are encouraged to donate them to the trade fair, rather than adding to Barcelona’s landfill.

The Mobile World Congress, organised by GSMA, is the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event, bringing together over 100,000 people between 26 and 29 February this year.

Thanks to this initiative, the reused materials will be given a second life through community organisations that will distribute them to social and cultural projects in Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

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