Sustainability and excellence: Spanish Heritage's formula for destination management

12th June 2024

Good practices

Sustainability and excellence: Spanish Heritage's formula for destination management

In the tourism sector, more and more companies are striving to leave a positive impact on their environment. Among these, we find Spanish Heritage, a company that has not only led the DMC (Destination Management Company) market since its creation in 1992, but has also been deeply committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Innovation through experience

DMCs, also known as integrated local travel agencies in Catalonia, are companies that offer global solutions for all kinds of events and corporate travel. They stand out because they have first-hand knowledge of the destinations in which they work, as well as their tourist resources, and are therefore able to offer professional services on a local scale with the best guarantees.

With over three decades of experience, Spanish Heritage has built its reputation by creating original and innovative incentive programmes that exceed the expectations of its users. Specialising in the MICE segment (meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions), the company works throughout Spain, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, designing unique and quality tours and travel experiences that meet the specific needs of each client.

Events with a positive impact

Apart from the focus on quality and the dedication it puts into its projects, what distinguishes Spanish Heritage is its strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company strives to leave a positive impact on local communities by adopting socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

One of the most outstanding initiatives is the partnership with Icària Iniciatives Socials, a non-profit organisation in Barcelona dedicated to providing support and opportunities for the personal, social and occupational progress of people with intellectual disabilities. Through this collaboration, Spanish Heritage actively contributes to fostering inclusive economic development.

The company has also obtained various certifications that demonstrate its dedication to offering top quality services while minimising its environmental impact. In 2021 Spanish Heritage was awarded the Biosphere certificate, with which it undertakes, among other things, to follow a model of tourism that respects the environment and has a positive impact on the social, economic and cultural reality of the locations where it operates.

In order to achieve this, Spanish Heritage works in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, a fact that is reflected in all facets of its business, from the focus on ensuring universal accessibility for customers and employees to the prioritisation and the promotion of local experiences.

In that sense, Spanish Heritage promotes the dissemination of local heritage and traditions and includes, in its offer, products and activities promoted by entities and companies of the destinations where it works, at the same time as making zero-kilometre products known. It also promotes mobility by sustainable means of transport and encourages its customers to follow practices that reduce the ecological footprint during their stay.

Spanish Heritage stands out as a leader in destination management and the creation of memorable travel experiences, while at the same time, it demonstrates that sustainable tourism is possible and profitable. With a focus on innovation, quality and social responsibility, the company is leading the way to a future where tourism enriches the lives of travellers and local communities alike.

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