Hotel 1898: an urban retreat with an environmental conscience

17th June 2024

Good practices

Hotel 1898: an urban retreat with an environmental conscience

Barcelona is a city that breathes history and modernity. It is an amalgam of contrasts that also characterises Hotel 1898, which is located in one of its most central and emblematic spots, La Rambla.

Since its inauguration in 2005, the hotel has stood out for its commitment to sustainability, a mission that is intertwined with its rich history and colonial architecture. Through a careful combination of traditional elements and services in line with the latest trends in well-being, Hotel 1898 offers a unique experience that goes beyond simple accommodation.

A space for well-being

Located in the iconic building of the General Tobacco Company of the Philippines, this hotel is a real gem to be discovered. In 1880 the architect Oriol Mestres designed it as the private residence of the López i López family, the Marquises of Comillas, and in 1929 the remodelled building became the headquarters of the General Tobacco Company of the Philippines. It still conserves many structural, decorative and artistic features of its historical past, such as a bust by the renowned sculptor Josep Llimona.

But if there is one thing that defines Hotel 1898, it is that it is an oasis of well-being, relaxation and health in the heart of the city centre. Where there used to be a coal bunker and later the strongroom of the Tobacco Company of the Philippines, guest will now find the Organic & Vegan Spa. This space offers holistic experiences that nourish body and spirit, all in harmony with nature, using organic and vegan products.

On the 'La Isabela' terrace, guests can enjoy the breathtaking skyline of Barcelona while relaxing on Balinese beds or tasting signature tapas, while at the buffet lunch with views of the Rambla de Barcelona, they can sample artisan pastries, fresh produce, seasonal fruit, and a selection of products suitable for celiacs and vegetarians.

Taking care of our clients and the planet

At Hotel 1898 they care about the well-being of their guests and visitors but also about the planet. So, daily, they work to minimise the environmental impact of their activity, promoting energy efficiency and offering services that are in line with protecting the environment.

With the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle seal, the hotel goes further in its commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability and strives to contribute to building a city that is responsible towards people and the environment.

From the use of LED lighting to the energy-efficient air conditioning system, every aspect of the hotel has been designed to minimise its consumption of resources. Another example is the implementation of a water softening system, which reduces its hardness and improves its quality. This increases the efficiency of soaps, shampoos and detergents to rinse the laundry, therefore reducing the amount of water used.

The introduction of soap dispensers, reduction of paper consumption and segregation of waste in the kitchen are some of the other initiatives that the hotel has adopted to promote sustainable practices among its guests and employees.

Through information and awareness campaigns, Hotel 1898 not only aims to be a leader in sustainability but also to inspire its customers to follow their example. Likewise they carry out monthly campaigns to reinforce the motivation of the team, which encourages equality and diversity.

At Hotel 1898, every step towards a more sustainable future is valued and celebrated and, for that reason, it has become a refuge where excellence and sustainability come together to offer an unrivalled experience in the heart of Barcelona.

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