A family inn in the heart of a protected environment

28th November 2023

Good practices

Fonda Montseny (Montseny, Vallès Oriental)

Stopping the night at an inn takes on a new dimension in the Montseny Natural Park. This is the case of an establishment where not only do they serve hearty breakfasts to visitors, but they also strive to ensure that everyone around them commits to responsible management: Fonda Montseny.

All to ensure that tourists who come to this famous natural space can enjoy the protected landscapes without jeopardising their conservation. Which ensures that this natural asset remains a legacy for future generations.

From an old inn where muleteers and merchants used to sleep it has been transformed into a spearhead for sustainable economic exploitation of the Montseny Natural Park. And the transformation it has undergone in recent decades has not been small. Under the premise of offering a high-quality tourist experience, its managers decided to work in collaboration with the Park to ensure that their day-to-day operations highlighted the natural and cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

That is why, a few years ago, they signed up to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, an initiative aimed at promoting responsible tourism in Europe's protected areas. It focuses not only on the environment but also on preserving the local businesses operating within these areas.

Biosphere, a driver towards sustainability

But, having taken this first step, Fonda Montseny did not stop there. They decided to go further down the path of sustainability and obtain the Biosphere seal. As a result, the owners have embraced new practices in their day-to-day operations such as the use of ecological soaps, the use of delivery with biodegradable materials, and the reduction of single-use packaging.

In a way, they set an example for all visitors who come to the Park, as, in many cases, it is their first contact with this environment. Therefore, their work has become essential for the protection of this area.

Moreover, at the Fonda they believe that collaborating with other establishments in the county that also work to ensure sustainability in the Park is key. It is about connecting with the different businesses in the area and, together, working for the common good, something that is mutually beneficial.

Therefore, they participate in promoting initiatives that promote local development, contributing to the sense of belonging of the people that live in the area and the sustainability of economic activities that not only do not harm the Park but also contribute to its conservation.

Fonda Montseny takes responsible management to another level and has committed to strengthening the role of women in the management of their business, launching a review process in which they have adopted effective measures to promote gender equality in the workplace.

These transformations, in a family-owned business rooted in tradition, may be challenging, but with determination, they become achievable. And so, following the work initiated by their father and uncle, the next generation of this establishment is committed to sustainability, demonstrating that with effort and awareness, these changes can be implemented successfully.

The initiative of these three siblings has turned an old inn for muleteers into a model of responsible management right in the heart of a unique environment.

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