Showcasing farming in urban areas

12th April 2024

Good practices

Showcasing farming in urban areas

At the Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park, the Viladecans-based SIGEA Foundation raises awareness of the land and the people who farm it to help them keep this job.

In keeping with ITS values of loving nature and protecting the environment, the organisation promotes tours and workshops related to agricultural activities, turning this area into a hub of ecological awareness.

Its initiatives focus on environmental education programmes and land stewardship projects, although the organisation also provides environmental protection and refurbishment services.

It highlights farmwork and help make it sustainable in everything it does.

Immersion in the countryside

Its flagship activity consists of agri-environmental tours, both on horseback and by foot. Visitors learn more about nature, science and ecology while enjoying a pleasant experience.

These routes, focused on nature and discovering local heritage, have a negligible environmental footprint and make it possible to preserve the region’s natural and cultural resources so they can be used in the future and continue to benefit local communities. In addition to being educational, the experience also helps to promote tourism in the area and throughout the county

because it also promotes nearby activities that complement the tours. The organisation spreads the word about the tourist activities, cuisine, shopping and hotels both in the same town where the tour takes place and in neighbouring towns. It even holds festivals in the countryside and promotes local markets.

The SIGEA Foundation has also started sorting of the different kinds of waste it generates and offers workshops on the circular economy, reuse and recycling.

In terms of social inclusion and employment, it participates in several programmes through Viladecans’ Can Calderon Economic Promotion Centre to provide training internships for unemployed persons.

The SIGEA Foundation is an example of how an activity as accessible as a visit to the countryside can offer a wide array of sustainability benefits.

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