Mas Vinyoles Hub: a venue for revitalising the rural environment

29th February 2024

Good practices

Mas Vinyoles Hub: a venue for revitalising the rural environment

An old farmhouse transformed into a rural coworking space, tourist accommodation and business meeting point. An initiative that paves the way for promoting new opportunities for the people in the area.

Located in the town of Sant Pere de Torelló in Osona, Mas Vinyoles is a traditional farmhouse from the 13th century that was renovated in 2014, preserving its original elements while incorporating them into a sustainable building.

From underfloor heating in the rooms to the installation of solar panels and biomass, all the improvements to the building have been aimed at improving its energy efficiency.

The project started as a venture builder or start-up factory, with the aim of replicating business models that had worked in other markets. The arrival of the pandemic, however, forced them to reinvent themselves and become the multi-purpose space they are today.

Now, a coworking space coexists with two tourist apartments, meeting rooms for companies with a maximum capacity of 30 people, in addition to the farmhouse where the caretaker resides, responsible for maintenance, as well as leisure spaces such as a heated swimming pool, football pitch, picnic area, and treehouse.

Certification: an essential tool for driving improvement

The managers of Mas Vinyoles decided to obtain certification just two years ago, and even in this short time, they have been able to see the results, as the seal represents invaluable assistance in quality matters due to the commitment to improvement it entails.

The company's progress in sustainability can be seen in the commitment it has made to optimise water consumption. They want customers to be aware of the drought issue and promote responsible consumption to achieve significant savings. They also involve users in waste separation with the aim of improving efficiency.

In that regard, Biosphere has been a great help, especially in promoting training for the entire Mas Vinyoles team, allowing them to stay up-to-date on sustainability issues and follow steps to improve.

The company is always looking for new ways to raise awareness among visitors. For that reason, they want to get involved in promoting Osona as a bike-friendly region, where cycling is a priority means of transport.

Their initiatives are always aligned with the region, promoting the circular economy linked to the surrounding community. Therefore, they also promote various businesses in their vicinity that are essential to complementing the experience customers have in Sant Pere de Torelló.

As those responsible for the project state: a business model based on responsible management wants its customers to be involved as well. 

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