Ozz: slow eco-friendly fashion

8th February 2024

Good practices

Ozz: slow eco-friendly fashion

In the heart of El Born in Barcelona, there is a store that is driving a true revolution in the fashion world: Ozz, the store that brings together designers who are committed to sustainability and offers a platform for emerging brands. Always chosen for their commitment to environmental responsibility, most are local workshops, although they also sell clothes from designers from other parts of Europe who meet strict ecological criteria.

This business stands in sharp contrast to the mainstream fashion industry, where most factories are outsourced to Asia. The upside is that this local production allows for greater control over the entire process, and Ozz can thus ensure that the garments are manufactured in a certain manner.

They are always limited editions that never lead to surplus stock. In other words, they do not produce more items than the market can absorb, thus avoiding certain products from becoming unsalable and reducing their excessive environmental footprint. In this way, they avoid mass production and the pollution it creates.

In fact, the clothing industry is one of the most harmful to the climate. According to data from UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), it generates more emissions than global air and sea traffic combined.

The main reason for the enormous environmental impact of fashion is that a single piece of clothing is only worn an average of ten times before being thrown away.

Ozz is convinced that there is an alternative to this single-use model, and are committed to a responsible business model that takes into account the environmental consequences of their industry.

Higher-quality items

In terms of profitability, although the price of the items of clothing they put on the market is slightly higher than the prices found at clothing chains, the truth is that the increase in cost is not very significant. Meanwhile, the difference in quality is significant, since the items sold by Ozz are designed to last longer.

So, instead of buying three pieces of clothing, consumers can buy one of better quality, meaning that,
at the end of the year they don’t even notice the extra cost.

The philosophy of Ozz Barcelona is that we need to change our habits to take care of our planet. Impulse buying must become a thing of the past, giving way to a more mindful approach to fashion.

And this commitment is already beginning to bear fruit, as its increasingly large clientele is becoming more and more committed to sustainability. There is still a long way to go, but responsible consumption is here to stay.

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