Scavenger hunts that raise awareness while you discover the city

12th March 2024


Scavenger hunts that raise awareness while you discover the city

Artemis is a company that organises various scavenger hunts which raise awareness among those taking part of the local area they are visiting. Not only that, but 5% of the profits go to organisations that are working to improve the lives of Barcelona residents.

Migration, mass tourism, prostitution, gentrification... These are some of the topics addressed in the scavenger hunts organised by Artemis in Ciutat Vella, which also serve to give visibility to the organisations fighting against these issues. One example of this is Tot Raval, an association working for intercultural coexistence, education, community health, and the promotion of job opportunities. Another is Mescladís, dedicated to vocational integration. 

This true commitment to responsible tourism is carried out in an appealing format for visitors, as the activities typically last about two or three hours and are conducted in small teams of no more than eight people to avoid tourist overcrowding.

What's more, the resources used are sustainable: participants move around on foot, and reusable materials such as the road book or a compass are used. And, as their organisers say, nothing more is needed; the city itself is the prop.

So far, Artemis has successfully launched 15 scavenger hunts in various areas of Barcelona, such as Montjuïc, Gràcia, Poble Sec, and Sant Pere, covering themes ranging from historical narratives empowering women in Roman times to more contemporary ones discussing neighbourhood struggles in the city's different districts.

A game of clues to raise awareness of the drought

The city’s green areas are also used for environmental awareness-raising. This is the case of Collserola, where the organisers have launched an activity that, despite being based on a fictional story, uses real data to raise awareness about sustainable development goals. It’s a cooperative game that tests the participants’ environmental awareness and sparks debate among them.

Artemis has since expanded the activity beyond the city, organising the first county scavenger hunt in La Garriga, to celebrate the figure of Narcisa Freixes, a feminist composer who spent her summers in the town in the 19th century.

All these initiatives aim to raise awareness among participants by using play to encourage deep reflection on current issues. And this is even reflected in the company's merchandise: with sweatshirts designed by Top Manta, the entity that channels the commercial initiative of Barcelona's street vendors, and backpacks made by Dona Colors, a brand that provides opportunities for women at risk of social exclusion.

Artemis is now thinking about how to expand this project so tourist activities that promote social and environmental awareness get everywhere.

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