FiturNext launches an initiative to curb rural depopulation

28th January 2024


FiturNext launches an initiative to curb rural depopulation

FiturNext, FITUR’s observatory that recognises best practices in sustainable tourism, focused this year on projects that have revitalised local communities; seeing tourism as a way to fight depopulation.

The awards ceremony also presented the “2024 Report: Towards local revitalisation through tourism”, offering a roadmap for how the sector can combat the population drift from certain rural areas.

At the last edition of Madrid’s Fitur tourism fair, held from 24 to 28 January, FiturNext devoted four days to exploring how tourism can contribute to revitalising local communities.

The event began with the awards ceremony for the winning initiatives, recognising the following projects:

Preserving the land and managing tourism in Mas Blanco and San Agustín (Teruel). This small Aragonese region is combating depopulation by enhancing the resources offered by Gúdar-Javalambre county, such as astronomy tourism certified by the Starlight Foundation, sustainability, and family-friendly offerings.

Genalguacil Village Museum: an initiative that uses art to promote decentralisation, with different museums and artistic projects that can be seen throughout the village. Unlike many artistic hubs, which are often established without local community involvement, this project is supported by local residents.

The Way of El Cid: a winning project that promotes tourism in inland Spain. This literary tour inspired by the historic figure of El Cid is rich in symbols and delights visitors.

The event also presented the “Towards territorial revitalisation through tourism” report, attached here.

This document offers tourism best practices focused on combating depopulation and analyses the current situation, with conclusions suggesting that offering tourism services can revitalise local communities by creating new opportunities, attracting new residents, improving public services and developing the local economy.

FiturNext also featured round-table discussions on the demographic challenge and the latest public policies that address depopulation.