Barcelona Green Bites, the guide to an authentic and responsible experience from start to finish

19th June 2024

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Barcelona Green Bites, the guide to an authentic and responsible experience from start to finish

Barcelona Green Bites is a company that is determined to change the way we experience tourism. With the Biosphere seal of approval, its mission is to offer visitors to the city a unique, authentic and conscious experience.

This online platform is committed to making the traveller's stay not only unforgettable, but also respectful of local culture, society and the environment from the moment they first arrive in the city until they leave. Its focus on responsible tourism helps to minimise the negative impacts in all these aspects, while maximising the benefits for the community and the environment.

Support for the local economy and sustainable housing

The Barcelona Green Bites website offers all kinds of accommodation, transport and experiences that promote the practice of responsible and sustainable tourism. In their selection, they prioritise services and products from local tourism companies that encourage education in values, avoid the degradation of the environment and heritage and contribute to a less aggressive and invasive model that generates value in the territory and its inhabitants.

For example, they offer a wide selection of accommodation, ranging from rural houses powered by solar energy to hotels that actively reduce water consumption or bioclimatic cabins. Whether it is the location, the materials they are built with or the use of energy, each option is designed to minimise the environmental footprint while enjoying the environment.

Another vital part of sustainable tourism is support for the local economy. Barcelona Green Bites connects visitors with restaurants serving local products and local craft shops, or invites them to enjoy typical festivals and traditions. At the same time, it also offers different, less mass-tourism type experiences, such as visits to little-known neighbourhoods or to the city's fishermen's quay. The goal is to allow tourists to immerse themselves in the essence of Barcelona.

Barcelona Green Bites also contributes to improving its environment in a more direct way. The company donates part of the profits obtained in each booking to different local solidarity actions with the aim of returning part of the income generated to the community and territory.

Specialists in tourism and lovers of Barcelona

Iratxe Aragón is the CEO and founder of Barcelona Green Bites. She is an expert in managing and planning sustainable tourism in urban destinations, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. This Barcelona-born tourist and tireless traveller has united two of her great passions in the project. Its ultimate aim is that whoever visits the city, on returning home, should explain not what they have seen, but what they have experienced.

Barcelona Green Bites aims to be the first platform specialising in responsible and sustainable tourism services in the urban area of Barcelona. Currently, it has more than 50 collaborating companies that offer their experience or service through the website. It is in a continuous process of expanding this network to become the best showcase for these businesses, giving visibility to what really matters.

Barcelona Green Bites is another example that a different model of tourism is possible. Through unique experiences and a tangible positive impact on the local community, it actively contributes to the preservation of Barcelona's culture and heritage with an enriching and sustainable vision.

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