Ethical corporate events

18th April 2024

Success Stories

Ethical corporate events

Sustainable team-building events that promote employee development, training, motivation and retention. That’s the idea behind Le Monnier & Co, a Barcelona-based company that specialises in creating high-impact experiences and activities tailored to each client’s needs through gaming techniques such as ‘serious games’.

The design and production of these corporate events are aimed at team cohesion and motivation, and they also create personalised activities for training or product and service marketing.

The company also offers activities at Antoni Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard, a magical space and one of Barcelona’s cultural gems, where they host all kinds of corporate events.

The added value of Le Monnier & Co is that they go much further and place sustainability awareness at the heart of their activities, using new methods that combine technology and creativity to help participants learn about social and environmental issues.

Play-based collaboration

One of the most notable activities they have designed is the Green Challenge, a corporate social responsibility initiative that combines environmental awareness with the social dimension and results in an example of the circular economy applied to team building.

The participating teams must contact associations that include people in vulnerable situations. There, they collect natural materials that they then have to use to create different objects, such as nesting boxes or insect hotels. The resulting products are then donated to foundations that work on environmental protection, thus closing the sustainability circle.

One of Le Monnier & Co’s most successful experiences is the Barcelona Food Hunt, a team-building event that combines an urban treasure hunt with an outdoor escape room. The goal is to explore the city and help different organisations, such as the Food Bank. How? By raising funds that will then be exchanged for meals for those who need them most.

These activities are based on play and focused on sustainability, and they give participants the opportunity to put teamwork, collaboration and cooperation into practice, always together. This means that their small actions can make a big difference.

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