Cal Candi: True harmony with the land

19th April 2024


Cal Candi: True harmony with the land

This holiday camp in the Berguedà county is firmly committed to the sustainability of the environment around it. Every improvement it makes is an investment in the business's future, closely linked to this environment.

Located in an idyllic spot in the town of Vilada, surrounded by the foothills of the Pyrenees and perfect for nature-related activities, Cal Candi is steadily managing its practices more responsibly.

Since 1990, it has introduced countless young people and families to this region, with activities and workshops that focus on raising awareness and reusing materials, which are part of its efforts to educate clients so that they can also embrace sustainable criteria in their day-to-day lives.

And when it comes to sustainability, it practises what it preaches. This holiday camp sees the Biosphere certification as a commitment to the land and the people who live there.

That’s why they’ve taken environmental management measures to care for their surroundings and minimise their environmental impact. This means making generating less waste and recovering what waste it does produce a priority.

What’s more, it has solar panels and a biomass boiler to try to reach energy self-sufficiency, and one of its goals is to eventually stop consuming fossil fuels, which is why the company has gone electric with all its vehicles. It also reuses greywater for the toilets.

Social sustainability, too

Cal Candi’s commitment also spotlights health, safety, equality and inclusion. That’s why it works with different associations to make sure its practices are inclusive and create what is truly a space for everyone.

For example, it has a protocol to combat harassment, sexual and other kinds, with a zero-tolerance policy for abuse.

Economically, it is committed to the local community and tries to prioritise those who share this commitment when procuring essential products and promoting sustainable services.

Cal Candi is constantly working on quality improvements, always moving in the direction of a better and more sustainable future.

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