Sustainable tourism in Moianès county with Biosphere certification

25th January 2024


Sustainable tourism in Moianès county with Biosphere certification

Moianès has only been a county for a little more than 8 years, but it’s become a magnet for sustainable tourism thanks to its commitment to securing the Biosphere certification for many of its attractions. 

Responsible management that ensures the balance within the region and among its residents is the secret of a county that, despite being formally established only a few years ago, is looking ahead to the future with great enthusiasm. There are many ways to discover its secrets.  

Toll Cave

This cave offers the opportunity to embark on a unique journey through prehistoric times. The area was submerged under the waters of an inland sea, full of large coral reefs, 38 million years ago.

The disappearance of this sea led to the fossilisation of the reef, creating the rock that formed the Toll Cave. A true geological wonder revealing thousands and thousands of years of history. 

Here we can find remains of prehistoric animals such as cave bears and hyenas, wolves and mammoths, and even traces of our ancestors.

Hemalosa Space

This former textile factory turned cultural space. includes the county’s Ecomuseum, with information on the history of the village of Oló and an exhibition on textiles and their historical importance in the village, featuring two restored antique looms. 

The space has a large auditorium for concerts, plays, film screenings and large-format shows, and two small rooms for courses and workshops.

Moianès Tourism Office

Sport, adventure, culture, history, nature... From horse-riding to taking in the landscape aboard a microlight aircraft. Or immersing yourself in history by visiting the house where Enric Prat de la Riba and Rafael Casanova lived.

The tourism office can let you know about all Moianès has to offer, so you can get the most out of your visit. 

Gaia Guies 

If you need help planning your activities, turn to the guides at Gaia Guies, who will help you discover the best-kept secrets in the county. 

Their guided tours through the countryside feature nature, culture and history, and can be tailored to all kinds of visitors.

Magadins Vell restaurant

What better way to end the day than with a good meal? Especially if it features traditional homemade cuisine made with local products from the Moianès region, guaranteeing quality and added value. You can’t miss the fabulous local chargrilled meat. 

An offer brimming with experiences in a county waiting to be explored.

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