ARTiSA: a gastronomic corner with a sustainable heart and soul

5th June 2024


ARTiSA: a gastronomic corner with a sustainable heart and soul

In the heart of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, in one of its most vibrant and emblematic spots, we find a little gastronomic treasure known as ARTiSA. Since its creation in December 2009 in Plaça Reial, this charming restaurant has been dedicated to offering a unique culinary experience, focused on authenticity and sustainability.

ARTiSA is a cafe and the life project of two sisters, Sofia and Marisol, both lovers of good food and hardened travellers who are in love with Barcelona. Their vision was clear: to create a welcoming space where people could enjoy delicious, homemade and healthy snacks. The success of their venture led them to open a second restaurant in Poblenou in 2022.

Eat well with values

Since its beginnings, ARTiSA has prioritised the selection of local, organic ingredients and companies with social values. Every day, in their bakeries, they prepare a simple but honest menu that highlights the authentic flavours of the raw materials.

At their cafes, with their original, natural decor and a terrace, you can find a varied offering that includes hors d'oeuvres, crepes, appetizers, smoothies and speciality coffees that are roasted on the premises. But what stands out most is the selection of homemade cakes, pastries and jellies, which make it an ideal place to have a snack or brunch in the city. Because of the menu and the opening hours, you can be sure to find it open for any meal.

Most of the pastries they offer are gluten-free and their jellies have up to 70% less sugar than conventional ones. One of ARTiSA's fundamental pillars is to take care of its customers by providing healthy alternatives that adapt to the wide range of dietary needs they may have. As well as gluten-free and low-sugar products, you can also find those that are free of dried fruit, nuts, oats or lactose.

"Our philosophy from the beginning has been to offer our customers a quality product at a fair price", they say. For this reason, they are also committed to constant evolution, a fact that has led them to change year after year in order to respond to the sensitivities and values of their customers and society.

Sustainability, the sweetest commitment

In 2019, Sofia and Marisol learned about the Biosphere seal and set their sights on accreditation, which they achieved that same year. "We found it very interesting because it was a reflection of our philosophy and way of thinking", they explain. They also identified with Biosphere's commitment to continuous improvement, as it is in line with their business vision.

Obtaining this endorsement of their commitment to sustainability was easier than they had thought because when they started to apply the guidelines they saw that they were already following many of them. However, being part of the Biosphere seal has helped them to better organise and plan their objectives.

ARTiSA's effort to maintain responsible practices in all facets of their business began at its conception, when they decided to opt for local and ecological products motivated by the idea that the Earth and its resources are a scarce asset that needs to be cared for.

Sustainability is also reflected in the way they manage waste. ARTiSA recycles all its materials, uses 100% biodegradable packaging and encourages its customers to use reusable bottles. In addition, it is fully supplied with renewable energies in order to contribute to the reduction of its carbon footprint.

In short, ARTiSA is not only a charming cafe but an example of passion and commitment to sustainability. Through their practices and their gastronomic offering, they demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy a sweet and delicious experience in a responsible and respectful way.

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