Nearly €30 million in European funds to promote sustainable tourism in Catalonia starting from 2024

5th February 2024
Nearly €30 million in European funds to promote sustainable tourism in Catalonia starting from 2024

The Next Generation Funds aimed at sustainable tourism have allocated new resources to the Catalan sector for 2024. In total, more than €28 million will be allocated to different aspects of tourism businesses.

The earmarked initiatives range from promoting the activities of organisations to improving energy efficiency and even providing training in digital skills for their employees. 

Thus, to begin with, the Spanish Ministry of Industry's Tourism Social Sustainability Plans will set aside just over €1.5 million to carry out communication and awareness actions.

These include guides related to social sustainability, compilations of best practices or success stories, awareness and communication plans and support programmes for the implementation of self-diagnosis tools or ethical seals.

A boost to efficiency and training

In addition, €18.5 million will be allocated to the second call for projects on Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy in Tourism Businesses.

As well as initiatives that promote energy savings, the programme also focuses on optimising waste management, improving facilities and equipment, and digitalising systems, without neglecting staff awareness and training in energy efficiency aspects. 

Finally, nearly €9 million will be allocated to enhance the digital skills of workers in the tourism sector. The main objective is to design training actions in collaboration with the private sector that take into account the skills of the workforce and are aimed at addressing the needs of businesses.

Training programmes should focus on five main areas: digital literacy, engagement in society through communication tools, content creation, device security maintenance, and problem-solving in the digital environment.

The grants will be awarded during 2024 and are expected to help drive the Catalan tourism sector towards more responsible management.