A journey inside the magical mountain

20th March 2024


A journey inside the magical mountain

There is no place quite like Montserrat. And we are not just talking about the mountain’s unusual, majestic shape but also the incredible underground world hidden under the surface.

This mysterious space is made up of dozens of pit caves, most notably the Montserrat Caves (also known as the Salnitre Caves), located in the town of Collbató in the Baix Llobregat region. They are the largest caves in this part of the world, and entering them involves a journey into an extraordinary natural treasure spanning thousands of years.

The 400-metre route flanked by stalactites, stalagmites and columns unfurling before you when you cross the threshold will take your breath away. As you go deeper inside, the expert tour guides will explain the origin of these unique shapes.

Not only will you learn about the characteristics of the geological process that resulted in these caves, you will also see how the site was home to the first inhabitants of Montserrat and learn all about the associated legends.

To fully take in this rich history, you will also have the chance to watch a video mapping show that will reveal the best-kept secrets of this place.

Underground sustainability

Visiting the Montserrat Caves is a 100% sustainable experience. The organisation seeks to impress upon visitors their potential impact on this natural park,

encouraging them to avoid single-use packaging and wrappers in the food they bring from home and emphasising the need to clean up and recycle the waste they generate.

But their efforts go much further as well, earning them the Biosphere certification. They also work with social projects and programmes in the local area and help develop educational projects with other organisations, with the goal of raising awareness among visitors to the caves in order to achieve a more sustainable world.

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