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Barcelona, the world's leading sustainable tourist destination

* Barcelona was the first city in the world to be awarded with the Biosphere certification from the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR) as a sustainable tourist destination.

What is it?

The Biosphere Barcelona standard for Commitment to Sustainable Tourism is awarded to tour operators who are committed to responsible and environmentally-friendly management, to culture, to decent working conditions, to gender equity and to social and economic benefits.

More and more travellers are opting for tourism that has a positive impact on the city and that is respectful to the local population, the environment and makes an efficient use of resources.

By fulfilling a series of requirements, Barcelona City Council offers tour operators the opportunity to adhere to the Biosphere Barcelona Commitment. This is based on a handbook of best practices that includes the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Adapt your products, services and experiences so that they meet the demand for this new traveller profile and contribute to creating a new model of sustainable tourism.

In 2011, Barcelona was the first city in the world to be awarded with the Biosphere certification, granted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (IRT), an independent body promoted by UNESCO, and recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Advantages of incorporating and communicating your company's sustainable initiatives:

  • Improve your company’s credibility and reputation
  • Attract new customers with environmental awareness
  • Position yourself in an emerging market
  • Differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors
  • Added value for your products/services
  • Establish new business relationships with other sustainable organisations
  • Consolidate your business in the long term
  • Contributes to promoting a more sustainable tourism industry that is more committed to the environment

The path to a new tourism model.
Steps to follow:

  1. Commit to sustainability
    The label is linked to a voluntary and independent commitment, based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement.
  2. Fill in the form
    We will contact you and send you the necessary documentation to fill to start the procedure.
  3. We will train and advise you
    We will support you throughout the process of meeting the criteria for the standard and will suggest improvements for your company in the area of sustainability.
  4. Create your improvement plan
    We will help you bring in and implement the improvements recommended for you.
  5. Congratulations!
    You have been awarded the Biosphere Barcelona standard for Commitment to Sustainable Tourism!
    The Sustainable Tourism Committeewill be in charge of validating your company's Commitment to Sustainability.

Barcelona City Council subsidises the total cost of this process for locally-based companies and those affiliated with the Barcelona Tourism Consortium.

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